June 25, 2012

Kehe Shouts Kosher at its Specialty Food Show

CHICAGO -- As a major distributor of specialty and natural foods, Kehe Foods nonetheless smartly projected its considerable kosher food distribution at its recent show in McCormick Center (June 10-12). Visitors were impressed at Kehe’s signage and method of flagging kosher that made buyers interested in kosher feel a central part of the show.  

Although the show featured about ten kosher vendors, there was an abundance of kosher certified products. They included Greek yogurt cakes, freeze-dried fruit snacks for babies (pareve), flavored BBQ sauces, frozen deep dish Chicago pizza (Cholov Yisroel!), pareve protein bars, flavored reduced fat peanut butters and gourmet pareve salad dressings.  

One visitor said: “The nicest thing was that everything shown was immediately available to any Kehe-serviced retailer through Kehe. From show to sales floor in 48 hours.”