May 16, 2011

Keeping Kosher Going Until Rosh Hashanah

New York…Israel celebrated its 63rd year of independence and so did Jewel-Osco in Chicago with a joint promotion with Osem, according to Yakov M. Yarmove, Corporate Business Manager, Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for SupeValu. A special ad was designed to honor Israel and also promoting many Osem products at discounted prices. Many independent stores in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles also celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut with specials and promotions. For Yarmove and other marketers of kosher foods, the next few months leading up to the Jewish New Year, which this year falls in late September, present many marketing opportunities for kosher. The holiday of Shavuos (eve of June 7- June 9) is traditionally a time for promoting dairy and fish items in addition to the conventional holiday foods. Immediately thereafter, the marketers will turn seasonal with promotions turning to the BBQ season as well as ice cream and beverages. The Nine-Day mourning period in mid-summer for the destruction of the First and Second Temple is another traditional period for marketing dairy and fish products. Then there is the back-to-school weeks that is ideal for snack food marketing and so it goes. A Brooklyn distributor said that “we have long since graduated from a Passover-only frame of mind.” He added: “Kosher has truly become a year-round phenomenon and anyone that does not recognize that is missing out on a huge opportunity.”