February 8, 2010

KedemÕs Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience a Highly Successful Marketing Event

New York…For the fourth year, the Kedem Group, based in Bayonne NJ, hosted a kosher food and wine event on February 1st that was designed to position the company as the leader in fine kosher foods and wines. Unlike in the past, this year, Kedem gathered 17 of the city’s better kosher restaurants as its food component. On display was an unprecedented array of wines from around the world, but for many of the press and VIP’s as well as several hundred people that paid as much as $100 for the experience (and a $30 parking fee at Pier 60 of Chelsea Piers), the amount of food on display was simply staggering. At Le Marais visitors smacked their lips to the taste of lamb chili with an avocado relish. At Colbeh, a Persian restaurant, it was grilled skewers of chicken and beef called Koobideh served with a lentil stew and rice. Dougie's Bar-B-Q served dishes like sliders and popcorn chicken. Pomegranate Supermarket in Brooklyn had three tables set up with carving stations. At the back of the room Nesher Caterers had set up a smorgasbord of various foods that they specialized in making. Nesher's food ran the gamut ranging from simple fruit platters to much more complex dishes like chicken marsala. Their fried cauliflower was a particular favorite of mine.

Amongst all of these well known restaurants serving the very peak of their culinary abilities it would have been easy for smaller, newer restaurants to simply fade into the background but for Basil, a soon to open dairy restaurant in Crown Heights, it was their opportunity to shine. Basil served a tuna tartar with smoked paprika oil and green olive reduction as well as a chocolate truffle with coco nibs and sweet cream sauce that was meant to be squeezed as you ate it from the stem the dessert was served on.” We took the idea from a French style meat ball. We call it the star burst experience," said Ouri Ivry, the manager. Ouri went on to say that they had told the chefs preparing dishes for the event that "we want to go high end and quality. We don't want to cut any corners with what we are presenting". What was all the more impressive is the fact that these foods were made pareve by a restaurant specializing in dairy. Overall the Kosher Restaurant and Wine Experience was a marketing coup for Kedem which managed to position itself as the leader of a new generation of upscale foods and wines, a fact that was not lost on a large group of young middle class kosher consumers who sipped the excellent wines and filled plates of the upscale kosher foods.