February 9, 2015

Kedem Brings all of its Food Divisions Under One New 275,000 Square Foot Facility

BAYONNE, NJ — The Kedem Group took a bold step in organizing its rapidly expanding food business under a new entity called Keyco in a magnificent new state-of-the-art distribution center just across the road from its current wine factory and headquarters. Supported by incentives from the State of New Jersey, the new Keyco facility incorporates such Kedem related food businesses as Gefen, Kenover, Kedem Foods, and will also include major brands from Unilever.

Harold Weiss, the long-time Vice President of Sales for Kedem Foods, reminisced about how much the Kedem food business has grown. “Imagine that I started here with only 12 items and look at us now,” said Weiss referring to the thousands of SKU’s now handled by Keyco. For the Herzog family, the success in food is a major expansion of the business from their dominant role in kosher wines, both as a manufacturer and importer. Nathan Herzog stresses that the food and wine businesses are very closely related and in many areas throughout the United States make up the kosher food section, which the Herzogs hope to expand.

A younger generation of the Herzogs, led by Mordy Herzog are now presiding over the growth of the family food and wine business. The Herzogs began producing wines in 1848 in Europe and in the US a century later when Eugene Herzog, a Holocaust survivor founded Kedem.