March 7, 2016

Kayco’s Message for 10th Annual Event: Upscale Kosher Foods and Wines Continue to Soar Upward

New York - For the 10th time in New York and now an annual event in such places as Jerusalem, London, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, the Kayco group, better known to many as Kedem produced an amazing food and wine event. There is a method to this madness by the well-known Herzog family and that is to blend great kosher food and wine into a nouvelle cuisine which continues to soar at record pace. Even more importantly, the event is a vivid reminder of a revolution in the quality of kosher food and wine that continues to unfold.

Foodies, wine enthusiasts, culinary stars, kosher industry experts, and of course food and wine lovers, made their way to Chelsea Piers on Monday, February 29th for Kayco’s 10th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience. Many of New York’s celebrated kosher restaurants displayed their culinary delights, as taste buds went into overdrive from all the wonderful aromas and flavors on offer. Chef Daniel Rivera from T-Fusion Steakhouse in Brooklyn carved up deliciously succulent beef; Queens’ Marani Glatt Kosher Georgian Restaurant served their mushroom and tarragon tart; and Fireside Kosher in Monsey dished up a delicious deep dish style beef and vegetable pizza which had the crowds raving.

For wine enthusiasts, journalist and connoisseurs, there was the opportunity to meet the winemakers responsible for some of the kosher market’s world-class wines. Joe Hurliman, winemaker at the legendary Herzog Wine Cellars flew in from Oxnard for the day to launch his latest wine series Variations, French Oak and American Oak, which will be in stores in the coming weeks. Not Jewish himself, but “as one who keeps the 7 Noahide Laws,” Hurliman began at Herzog’s 18 years ago without any prior knowledge of the kosher laws or the kosher wine industry. “In the beginning I had a shiur (class) every afternoon. I needed to know all the laws regarding kosher wine and the kosher wine making process if I was to become a chief winemaker in the kosher world,” reminisced Mr. Hurliman. Mr. Hurliman was also involved in the design and construction of the Herzog Winery in Oxnard, which is his working base.

Also present was Amichai Lourie from the illustrious Shiloh Winery, and Teperberg’s Shiki Rauchberger. Teperberg debuted their latest line “Inspire,” which will be in stores in the next few weeks. “Our new wines are special as they are blends. Instead of going with a straight Merlot or Cabernet we have created blends of these wines, such as the Malbec – Marselan, which is extremely smooth on the pallet and a mixture of four different types of wine,” says Rauchberger. Teperberg wines are produced from grapes grown in vineyards around Israel, from the Judean Hills to the Upper Galilee and Gush Etzion. “Our new Inspire line has been created from grapes growing in Mitzpe Ramon, down south. This is extremely unique, as one would think that desert temperatures would be detrimental to producing wine. However the high temperatures during the day and the low temperatures at night are perfect for grape growing,” Rauchberger explains. Teperberg recently underwent a three year re-branding process to modernize their brand and bring its rich family history to the forefront of the brand and its packaging. Many of its wine labels have been created with pictures of the past and historical visuals. “Our new logo, the Hebrew letter “tet,” has been recreated in the color gold to depict regality. However it is not solid gold, the design of the letter is patchy to illustrate the years of good harvest and the years in which the harvest could have been better.” Overall, the evening was a real display of kosher culinary talent and the superior wine options available to kosher consumers “We are eagerly awaiting next year’s Kosher Food and Wine Experience,” exclaimed one attendee. “It’s the highlight of our year!”