October 30, 2017

Gino's East of Chicago Takes Best in Show with Deep Dish Pizza

New York - by Eda Kram - A panel of judges from diverse backgrounds in the kosher food industry on October 25th selected Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizza in Cheese and Spinach as the “Best in Show.” The annual New Product Competition is one of the highlights of the annual Kosherfest trade show, which takes place in Secaucus on November 14-15. Meeting in Manhattan the judges selected Gino’s, distributed by Kayco, as the best new kosher food product. Kayco is one of the largest kosher food distributors in the nation. Loaded with 100% kosher mozzarella cheese, the new pizza features a huge combination of sweet potato sauce, “secret” spice blend and golden brown deep dish crust. What makes the pizza so unique is that Bayonne-based Kayco took a product very well received in the non-kosher market and turned it into a trendy kosher new item.

More than 500 new kosher food items are expected to be unveiled at Kosherfest. New products are a key “driver” in the growth of the kosher food industry. Of the hundreds of products that were submitted for consideration, this year’s winners were largely chosen for their innovation and added value to the kosher market as a whole. The other winners in the many categories evaluated included:

  • Breakfast - Battered Apple Rings by Bertram Foods - B'gan – Although tapped as a breakfast food, the apple rings can be served as part of a dessert.
  • Sweet Snacks-MetaBall Chocolate Brownie by The Run-A-Ton Group - MetaBall Nutrition – It’s that tasty nutrition bar that has it all, from the rich protein to natural ingredients and yet is dairy-free.
  • Frozen Desserts-12" Salted Caramal Frizza by Elegant Desserts – A salted caramel frozen dessert pizza pie with a cookie crust is a new dessert combination.
  • Giftware, Novelties & Non-Food - Disposable Printed Table Covers by Quality Frozen Foods/Plastish
  • Kosher for Passover - Matzogram Printed Matzos by Matzohgram/Independent Ink – Edible ink is not new, but for Passover, it may be.
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic) - BARE Juice by Eco Alpha – The catch is an Israeli fruit drink that undergoes deep freezing retaining its vitamins and minerals, then pureed into nectar.
  • Savory Snacks-Tuscanini Parchment Crackers by Kayco – Thin crackers that are now on many gourmet menus.
  • Baked Goods -Wholly Gluten Free Brownie -The Run-A-Ton Group - Wholly Wholesome – Free of allergens, they still managed to keep the great taste of a Brownie.
  • Dips & Spreads -Delinut Caramel & Chocolate by Shneider's – A growing trend of eating spread the European way, this has a blend of carameland chocolate with hazelnuts.
  • Sauces -Tandoor by MIKEE Indian Cooking Sauces by Exotic Sauce Packaging– Somehow exotic in MIKEE’s case means at least one new product every show.
  • Pastas, Rice & Grains - Fontana Formiello Risotto Rice & CousCous by Fontana Formiello Garstronomia – Some genuine Italian delicacies like risotto rice, polenta, pasta and couscous as well as truffle products. Pre-cooked and free of additives, the products are great for vegetarian and low-fat diets.
  • Baking Aisle - Razzle Mix by Quality Frozen Foods/Baker's Choice – A new way to make razzle quickly; great for home cooks.
  • Packaged Meats - Dry Beef Sausage by Usine Amsellem
  • Wines - Ur Kasdim by De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards
  • Cheese - Natural & Kosher Salad Toppings by Anderson International Foods – Think of cheese as not only being between breads but also as a topping.