November 7, 2011

Kashrus Officials Meet in Post-Kosherfest Conclave

New York… Kashrus officials from around the globe are expected to participate in the annual conference sponsored by the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) on November 10th at the headquarters of the Orthodox Union. The conference traditionally takes place the day after Kosherfest. With the continued rapid expansion of kashrus, the officials will look at many issues confronting the kashrus agencies, irrespective of their size. Some of the topics on the agenda, according to Rabbi Sholom Fishbane, AKO’s Executive Director, include Exposures and Insurance for Kashrus Organizations, Fraud in the Seafood Industry, the level of kosher dairy, Maintaining a Healthy Relationship Between Va’adim (local and regional kashrus agencies) and Large Agencies, and Tweaker Knob for Ovens – A New Innovation for Yom Tov Cooking. AKO will also be certifying the booths exhibiting at Kosherfest.