March 10, 2014

Kashrus Agencies Step Up Seminars in Advance of Passover; OU Moves to Skype

NEW  YORK — As the sun set in Melbourne, Australia it rose in Norfolk, Virginia. But due to the OU new Skype program for its seminars, it no longer matters. Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Kosher Senior Educational Rabbinic Coordinator, recently launched the Harry H. Beren ASK OU Global Skype Program.  “You can be in Russia, you can be in New Zealand, you can be in Norfolk, you can be anywhere,” and we can arrange for an OU Kosher expert, in any area of kashrut, to provide a one-hour program for your group – from elementary level to kollel,” Rabbi Grossman said. This is the time of year when all major kashrus agencies offer seminars about the intricacies of kosher for Passover. 

OU Kosher will present a pre-Passover webinar for rabbis on March 18th