March 23, 2015

Kashrus Agencies in Major Initiative Before Passover

New York — The maze of kosher certifications can be daunting for any consumer year-round but especially on the eve of Passover. Almost all of the major kashrus agencies publish special Passover guides, update their Web sites, participate in community seminars and even invite consumers to use high-tech apps.

The MK Canada’s Kosher Certifier launched the first-ever fully interactive Passover magazine. Using new technology called AR (augmented reality) and an app called Zappar, it actually brings the content to life. You can even watch how a kitchen can be koshered for Passover. In addition to its popular guide and Website, executives of the Orthodox Union (OU) are fanning out to communities throughout the New York metropolitan area to respond to questions about properly celebrating the holiday.

Kashrus organizations like the Star-K, OK Kosher Certification, the cRc and the Kof-K are also involved in organizing seminars, printing special guidebooks and even sponsoring webinars. Kashrus agencies are also busy answering thousands of questions like the kosher status of quinoa, can plastic plates be used for Passover, the kashrus of coffee, the use of specific medications, nutrition supplements and vitamins,