November 21, 2016

Kabul Times Highlights Global Growth of Kosher

Kabul, Pakistan - In a far-reaching article about the growth of kosher foods around the world, the Kabul Times explained the opportunities for kosher fare. “The demand for kosher-certified products has increased vigorously and presently is one of the newest food trends,” says the Times. “Additionally, in order to meet the growing demand for kosher foods, various supermarkets and food companies all over the world provide a wide variety of kosher-based products such as juices, pastas, cereals, breads, and others.” The article in the Muslim-dominated country is unprecedented. The paper explains that “factors such as consumer trends for allergen-free, healthy, and unique food products along with high demand for kosher cutleries and few kosher-related accessories are boosting the growth of the global kosher food market.” Interestingly, the Times notes: “In addition, rising Muslim population is expected to be one of the factors impacting the growth of the global market in a positive way.”