September 7, 2010

Joy of Kosher Ð New Website Brings Kosher Cooking Enthusiast Together

New York…Kosher cooking enthusiasts who wish to share the joys of kosher cooking now have their own Web site, thanks to Launched in time for Rosh Hashanah. The website offers opportunities for recipe sharing along with social networking, allowing everyone from the serious foodie to amateur cooks to post their own recipes, comment on message boards, search a comprehensive database of recipes, and share recipes with one another while making new friends who share a similar passion. Users can also customize their own cookbooks, upload photos of their dishes and download coupons. Created by Tamar Genger, a registered dietician, the new online community for kosher cooks comes after years of popular mainstream cooking websites and cooking shows, even an entire network about food. But kosher chefs are often excluded from these options, as they do not take into account every sensitivity to kashrus. This new online community was “created to enable members to share their favorite Jewish recipes with food lovers all over the world, create new friendships and preserve our most sacred family traditions, from matzo balls to mandel bread,” says to Ms. Genger .

“After getting off to a very slow start, the kosher world is still playing catch-up online, but there is a lot to be hopeful about,” explained Ms. Genger. “There is an explosion of online kosher supermarkets and specialty stores, well-written kosher food and wine blogs and innovative mobile applications for all things kosher. By embracing Facebook, Twitter and emerging websites like, companies can directly engage their audience with coupons and promotions, receive immediate feedback and build powerful brand loyalty.”