July 10, 2018

Jewish Media – Kosher Food Industry Help Each Other Grow

New York…The kosher food industry owes a part of its growing success to the Anglo-Jewish media, now greatly expanded to digital technology. By the same token, the media owes its survival to the kosher food industry. An analysis of Jewish media shows that some 50%-60% of advertising revenues emanates from the kosher food industry. In advance of the Jewish holidays, the percentage of revenues from food ads soars. The American Jewish media, both in print and on-line, is divided between the Orthodox (charedi) publications and the secular weeklies and periodicals, many of which are now predominantly on-line. But even the more secular publications court kosher consumers, albeit that many of their readers are baby boomers and infrequent kosher consumers. Retailers who serve some of those areas like Cincinnati, Henderson NV and San Francisco, say that many secular Jews, in some cases predominantly Conservative and Reform, Jews, are increasingly visiting the kosher aisles and particularly enjoy such traditional foods as stuffed cabbage, gefilte fish, kugel, chopped liver and the like. Even publications that are clearly on the left such as the Forward and the Jewish Week regularly cover the kosher food scene. These are some of the same publications that were in the forefront of the Rubashkin saga which resulted in an unusually long sentence for bank fraud, a sentence that was ultimately commuted by President Donald Trump. The Forward has some of the most intense coverage of the kosher scene while the Jewish Week even sponsors an annual kosher wine event. One Jewish leader said that in age of soaring intermarriage and assimilation and a declining secular Jewish culture, kosher food is one of the few vibrant Jewish categories.”

Meanwhile, the Orthodox media has also stepped up its coverage of the kosher food scene with many featuring weekly supplements just on recipes and food trends. With as much as half of their revenues coming from the kosher world, it is quite natural that they should offer the extensive coverage. Kosher is also huge on-line, led by such sites as kosher.com and an on-line channel by kosher diva Jamie Geller. What is clear is that the saying of “one hand washes the other” certainly applies to Jewish media and the multi-billion dollar food industry.