December 1, 2014

Jerusalem Residents Look Over their Shoulders…at Pricing

Jerusalem. The horrific murders of five people in a Har Nof synagogue as well as other incidents of terror have put Jerusalem residents on edge. Security has been stepped up all over the capital, including in supermarkets. Although most supermarkets have had security for years, most of their security consisted of a perfunctory examination of bags and occasionally utilizing a wand at the entrance, originally to ward off a suicide bomber. These days, security personnel are much more vigilant. But as much as Israelis are conscious of the random terror attack that may be due to religious fervor, they still are most concerned with prices. Ilana, a 45-year old American born mother of two teenagers living in Jerusalem, was particularly upset at the rising prices of such American goodies as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Heinz Ketchup. The price increases, say industry experts, is due in part to a weakened shekel which traded at over NIS 3.90 recently, compared to NIS 3.40 just 6 months ago.  Price controls imposed by the government last year stopped some basic staples from rising, but Israelis still complain about the outrageous costs for dairy.