September 5, 2018

It’s Not About Dipping Anymore; Honey a Big Business on Rosh Hashanah

Jerusalem…The honey dish has long been one of the main gift items for Rosh Hashanah or year-round for Rosh Hashanah. The dish, on display all over the city, comes in almost every shape and every form, from pure silver to even disposables. Nor is honey just that anymore. There is flavored honey, gourmet honey, or honey mixes. One can buy honey stix in a variety pack, honey candy, Tea Honey Stix, Lemon Honey and more. And then there are the pastries in every type of baked goods, from pure honey cakes to honey cakes with fruits. In the US alone, the Rosh Hashanah honey business is estimated at some $20 million. Home baking with honey has become extremely popular particularly in many of the kosher cookbooks. Honey cakes and cupcakes have also become big gift items.