July 25, 2011

Italians Promote Kosher in the US With Embassy Reception

Washington, DC…The Italian government has long been a supporter of Italy’s growing role in the global kosher market. It has in the past sponsored major seminars in Milan and Rome for Italy’s food manufacturers on making inroads in the kosher market in the US. Coinciding with this year’s 57th Summer Fancy Food Show here, the Italian Embassy sponsored a “Kosher for Everyone” reception on July 11th which was organized by the Italian Trade Commission with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. In addition to Fred Plotkin, who served as the MC, other presenters included Donato Grosser, president of D. Grosser and Associates, an authority on kosher and organic food and wines from Italy, Rabbi Umberto Piperno, who analyzed the technical aspects of kosher production, and Thomas Gellert , a principal of the family owned Gellert Global Group, whose diversified businesses include international food importing, specialty packaging, and restaurant management, who discussed his experience with kosher and Italian products. The Italian Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata actually first proposed the idea of an Embassy reception while in Tel Aviv in 2001-2003). Italy is one of a number of countries whose governments have in recent years taken an active role in promoting kosher foods produced in their countries.