March 7, 2016

Issues with Olive Oil Don’t Effect Kosher Status, Experts Say

New York - The issues with the authenticity of 100% Pure Virgin Olive Oil sold on supermarket shelves continue to make headlines worldwide but kashrus officials say that they are not aware of any problems with kosher certified 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They say that even if the Extra Virgin Olive Oil was in actuality simply Pure Olive Oil, it would not affect the kosher status of the oil. The Italian government continues to deal with this major fraud. Lawmakers voted last week to stiffen a legislative decree that Italian olive oil producers and other critics charged would decriminalize olive oil counterfeiting. Commissions in both houses of Parliament approved the decree but recommended that the government ensure that criminal law prevail over administrative sanctions, such as simple fines, in cases of commercial fraud.  One issue faced by the Italians is when importers in various counties mix in other oil and still label the olive oil as “100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.”