September 27, 2016

Israel’s UN Ambassador Chides World Body for not Carrying Kosher Food

New York - Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon has told the world body the obvious. Despite being in the center of the world’s largest Jewish community outside of Israel, the cafeteria does not offer kosher food. It does sell halal and vegetarian fare. In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Mr. Danon asks him to include kosher food at the UN so that all the citizens of the world may feel welcome at the world body headquarters. He pointed out that despite there being many Jewish diplomats working at the UN who keep kosher, the UN headquarters does not offer a kosher meal option. According to YNet, Danon's letter to Ban also stressed the fact that the UN currently only works with one kosher food supplier, which prevents any sort of competition and allows said supplier to charge 40% more than other, non-kosher suppliers when catering a UN event. For this reason, Danon asked that the UN begin working with additional kosher companies.