March 9, 2015

Israel’s Food Exports Rise by 10% to Record $260 Million in 2014; Bump in Matzoh Sales Projected

Tel Aviv - Israel’s export of food and beverages to North America has risen to a record $260 million in 2014, up from $238 million in 2013, according to Caroline Nave, who heads the Food & Beverage Division of the Israel Export Institute. Although the European Union remains Israel’s largest market for food and beverages with 38% of the $946 million exported globally each year, North America is second with 26%.  Kosher food sources were hoping that sales of Israeli Matzoh which slumped in 2014 would recover in 2015. The less expensive Matzohs have been a bone of contention for domestic manufacturers who charged that the Israeli matzohs were creating unfair competition. The majority of the food exported to markets like the US ends up in kosher aisles. Israeli foods are increasingly being imported by large kosher companies like Kedem, Paskesz, and Lieber’s. Major Israeli brands like Strauss, Elite, Osem and Tnuva are leading Israeli brands in the US market. Several Israeli importers predict that the amount of Israeli food and beverage exports in the US will double within the next five years.