November 19, 2012

IsraelÕs Food Industry Resilient Despite Gaza Attacks

JERUSALEM — Several Israelis who were just returning from last week’s Kosherfest were met with wailing sirens and rising tensions as rockets from Gaza rained on Israeli population centers, including for the first time Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Several Israelis involved in the food industry said that with few exceptions, mostly in the South, the food supply continued unhindered. Some factories in cities like Ashdod and Ashkelon were ordered closed on Monday due to security concerns.

Supermarkets were fully stocked although one source said that several store employees were called up for reserve duty as the possibility of an Israeli land invasion into Gaza became a real possibility. Malls were relatively quiet in the Tel Aviv area on Sunday and there was some hording of food as residents chose to be near shelters or “secured” rooms. There were reported disruptions of food deliveries in the border towns like Sderot, where food factories like Osem are located. 

Even in Sderot, residents were allowed to briefly leave shelters to buy food. There were some concerns of further food supply disruptions if the hostilities continued.

Photo by Bernat Armangue/AP