October 25, 2010

IsraelÕs Chief Rabbi Says all Kosher Meat in Israel Includes ÒNikurÓ

Jerusalem…Nikur ("deveining") involves removing certain forbidden veins and fats from cattle. They are extremely prevalent in the hindquarters, and due to the complexity involved in their removal, this part of the animal is generally not sold as kosher. In an exclusive interview with Kosher Today, Israel’s Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar claimed that all kosher meat in Israel routinely includes the practice of Nikur. The Sephardic Rishon Letzion said that the nikur requirement was part of the steady upgrade of kashrus in Israel. The Chief Rabbi has a reputation of being tough on kashrus, a source told Kosher Today. “When he was rabbi of Tel Aviv, he withdrew certificates from establishments that were open on Shabbos, ending a practice that was known in some circles as the 6-day certificate.