July 14, 2015

Israelis Get the Break They Waited For; A Drop in Dairy Prices

Jerusalem - Tnuva, Israel’s largest dairy is revising its controlled dairy prices, following the government's price revision, and lowering the prices of a number of dairy items not subject to price control. A report in Globes, one of Israel’s foremost business publications, said that Tnuva cut its prices for milk, hard cheese, white cheese, sour cream, and sweet cream by up to 10%. It dropped its price for white cheese by 6.8%. The price is for marketing chains, not consumers, but the chains have said that they will pass along most of the price reductions. Shufersal, one of Israel’s largest supermarket chains immediately announced that it had its own plan for slashing dairy prices, its own brand.  Tnuva is cutting prices on milk, hard cheese, sour cream and sweet cream. Other products whose price Tnuva is cutting includes fresh low-lactose milk, organic milk produced by Kibbutz Harduf, and long-life (UHT processed) milk. At a press conference Shufersal launched its new line of milk products that it says will be substantially cheaper than the government controlled price for the same products, and will create competition with the large dairies. Initially, the chain is launching milk, chocolate milk, and sweet cream produced by Ramat Hagolan Dairies, and imported cheese.