February 23, 2015

Israelis in American Still Covet Israeli Products

LOS ANGELES - Israelis living in America still have a hard time digesting American coffee, miss the warm pitas and laffas and of course the spicier foods. They continue to frequent specialty stores that sell Israeli products in the San Fernando Valley, Aventura, and Brooklyn. They also look for the major Israeli brands like Osem, Telma, Strauss, and Tnuva. Although some do not keep kosher, they frequent the kosher stores in search of the products that they grew up with back home. Adi has been in the US for 22 years but still cannot stomach coffee brands like Sanka and Nestles. His favorite is Elite Instant coffee. When he visits his parents in Haifa, he runs to his favorite falafel store where the “charif (sharp spices) is real.” It is estimated that 400,000 - 800,000 Israeli Jews have immigrated to the United States since the 1950s, though this number remains a contested figure, since many Israelis are originally from other countries and may list their origin countries when arriving in the United States.