August 24, 2015

An Israeli Upscale Winery that is About Caring for the Disadvantaged

Tikvah - Tulip Winery is one of a growing number of Israeli boutique wineries that are putting Israel on the fast track toward stardom in quality wines worldwide. Located in a small village in the northern part of the Carmel known as Kfar Tikvah, its wines are produced in a moshav (commune) that is populated with people with mental disabilities. And the fact that they are involved in the production of the wines is only part of a story that has taken the Yitzchaki family from success in construction to this small Moshav. Roy, the owner, manages the winery along with his son, a former air traffic controller for the IDF who decided to join the winery.  According to Jay Buchsbaum of Kedem, which imports the wines, these are high end wines that sell in the range of $30 -$50 per bottle in what he describes “as a limited run.”Tulip Winery produces about 100,000 bottles of wine per year, sold all over Israel, and in several countries around the world. For Jay who has visited the winery, watching people with mental disabilities virtually take ownership of the winery is an extremely moving and emotional experience. The Yitzchakis indeed have created a winery that has achieved the best of both worlds, exceptional wines and doing something very special for the mentally disabled.