February 22, 2016

An Israeli Supermarket’s Pledge to Stay Open on the Shabbat May End Soon

Tel Aviv - Its decision to stay open on the Shabbat several years ago resulted in a boycott by Orthodox Jews, temporarily sending sales spiraling downward. Since then AM:PM has by far recouped the declining sales by becoming the only supermarket to stay open on the Shabbat. It is said that the chain earned more than a third of its revenues on Friday night and Saturday. But as part of Alon Blue Square, the chain ran into trouble, and has been taken over by a group of investors, led by Moti Ben-Moshe, the new controlling shareholder. According to Globes, he is considering closing the AM:PM city center supermarket chain on Shabbat. AM:PM has 40 stores and annual revenue of NIS 450 million.  Should that happen, it will likely end the boycott of the Orthodox Jewish establishment in Israel.