March 18, 2013

Israeli Shoppers Fearing the Worst for Passover Get Reprieve

JERUSALEM — A price war before Passover? So it would seem as the three major chains competed for the designation of being the cheapest. Last Passover, prices jumped by as much as 26% in some chains. This year, prices may “only” rise by approximately 16%. In February, food prices rose 1.1%, fresh fruit prices rose 7.6% and fresh chicken prices rose 15.6%. Only fresh vegetable prices fell 2.3%. 

According to a survey by the Marker, the Rami Levi chain was said to be the cheapest of the three major chains with Shufersal coming in second and Mega Bull third. Many Israelis buy their Passover foods over the Internet despite paying as much as 15% higher than at the supermarkets. Like the US, Israeli sources say that there are nearly 500 new products on shelves with a significant number being gluten-free. Israelis are said to buy more than $2.5 billion in Passover foods, according to a food source in Israel.