July 10, 2018

Israeli Rabbis Resent Supreme Court Intervention on Kashrus

Tel Aviv…The Israeli Supreme Court has weighed in on a number of kashrus concerns that many rabbis are calling unfortunate and even unlawful intervention. The Court has weighed in on who should pay the mashgiach (kashrus supervisors) as well as opining that an establishment can declare itself kosher without the obligatory certificate by the Chief Rabbinate. These decisions have put an enormous strain on the kashrus system in Israel and caused some kashrus experts to consider moving away from establishment organizations. One decision that is having an enormous impact on kashrus in Israel is the decision to require mashgichim to be paid by kashrus agencies such as the Chief Rabbinate rather than owners of the establishments. Even the Knesset and government officials have of late spoken of reforms in kashrus, some of whom are even advocating opening up the kashrus to independent groups and even individual rabbis. Ironically, the very institution (Chief Rabbinate) that was entrusted with bringing unity to kashrus is now under attack for its divisive actions, although the Chief Rabbis are the most outspoken about reforming kashrus in Israel, but in a way that the Left envisions.