November 4, 2019

Israeli Pavilion to Showcase Many Basic and Innovative Foods at Kosherfest ‘19

Secaucus NJ…With Israeli food products becoming increasingly popular in the US kosher market, this year’s eclectic and innovative Israeli group will be one of the most dynamic in recent years. The Israeli companies offer a great variety of exclusive health and tasty products, including a range of industrial and artisanal products as well as tailor made solutions that are perfect for “Private Label” products. Israel’s Food and Beverages industry is best known for being fresh and locally grown. The Mediterranean diet Influence and melting pot effect create unique combinations - Quality meets ethnicity and wellness creating natural, healthy, gluten and lactose free products. All of the Israeli food products displayed at next week’s Kosherfest enjoy a quality kosher certification.

Amongst the Israeli exhibitors will be Adar’s Dough, a leading manufacturer of kosher pizza dough that is gluten-free; the Bikurim Food Industries group manufactures a variety of healthy breads. Years of research have paved the way for this exclusive development, enabling them to offer an ideal combination of healthy ingredients that is highly recommended for carb-free diets and diabetics. Joe’s Coffee with whole roasted coffee beans, Joe coffee capsules, and Coffee bites. Cafe Joe was established in 1997 in the heart of Tel Aviv. It began as a humble coffeehouse with a simple coffee roaster and the goal of introducing Israel to a new level of quality gourmet coffee.

Other notable exhibitors include Kaspin, founded in 1967, represents more than 150 manufacturers. Eden Foods established in the 1970s by Mr. Saeed AbuSereyah who had broad expertise in the field of canned food industry. Its state-of-the-art canning facility give it the versatility to run can sizes from 13.5 ounces to 304 ounces and the flexible capacity to produce for leading food brands as well as private label accounts, supermarkets and the foodservice industry. Mahroum has been a fixture at Kosherfest for many years. Fourth generation since 1890, it produces the special Middle Eastern sweets in Nazareth, Israel (think of that moth-watering halva that you taste at Kosherfest). Another well-known long-time exhibitor is Matzot Aviv, a family owned business established in 1887, which manufacturers gourmet crisp breads and crackers and a line of gluten-free matzos for Passover and year-round, crackers and matzo meal. This year, the company has a new line of reduced sugar cookies and biscuits. In addition, they have a line of sugar-free light cookies, only 15 calories per cookie as well as a line of organic gourmet crisp breads and crackers. Neptuneis one of Israel’s largest importers of spices and raw materials for the food industry. It imports, manufactures, markets and exports to the institutional and retail markets a variety of unique seasoning mixes, quality spices, herbs, a wide selection of sauces and fine spreads, rich seasoning mixtures for rice and other products. Ornat Food Industries manufacturers chocolate and chocolate bars. Pri Chen manufacturers a line of canned pickles and vegetables. Samy Coffee is Located at the foot of Mount Carmel, in the lower city of Haifa. It is a family-owned coffee roastery founded in1974, which developed a unique roasting process and a signature blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties, SFS Bakeries, established in 2015, produces marble and yeast cakes, muffins and cookies.