October 30, 2017

Israeli Pavilion at Kosherfest Reflection of Israel’s Growing International Presence

Secaucus, NJ -The Israeli pavilion at the upcoming edition of Kosherfest (November 14-15 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center) will showcase a diverse range of products that reflect the country’s rapid climb in exports. Under the theme of “Tastes of Israel,” the pavilion will showcase such foods as El Nakhleh Coffee, ground roasted coffee with or without cardamom, Al Arz Tahini, Dough’s, Tenta Topgum Sweets, a leading manufacturer of gummy candies, Maadaney Yehiam, Jerusalem Winery, Mahroum Sweets, Almahdi Sweets, Matzot Aviv, Neptune Food Products, Bare Juices, Pri-Chen, and J & G Pecans – Hativ Nuts, – Doughs , Almahadi, and Bare Juices are appearing at Kosherfest for the very first time. Bare was one of the winners of the New Product Competition. Israel, which for much of its history was known for its agricultural exports, has transformed into a large industrial exporter. The Israeli food industry prides itself in the use of its high tech prowess to produce unique foods, especially in the gluten-free, dairy free, and sugar free categories.