December 6, 2018

Israeli Jews Far More Observant than American Jews, Study Shows

Jerusalem…A relatively new study by the Jewish People Policy Institute sheds some light on the degree of religious observance by Jews in Israel and the USA. While there are far-reaching implications for the kosher food industry, much of the data is also culled from such sources as the Pew Israel Survey (2016). The study shows that 67% of Israeli Jews fast on Yom Kippur as compared to 40% of American Jews who fasted in 2012. Similarly, 97% of Israelis participated in a Passover Seder while only 70% of American Jews did so in 2012. 63% of Israelis keep a kosher home as compared to 22% of American Jews. While the 22% seems low in comparison with Israelis, many American Jews do buy kosher for holidays and for special occasions but do not keep a kosher home. According to industry sources, the occasional kosher shopper represents a significant segment of the kosher market in the US, particularly in markets outside of the Northeast.