April 28, 2014

Israeli Food Market Soars as Number of Poor Grew

BNEI BRAK — A number of charities in this city reported record numbers in the distribution of food nod other assistance for Passover. They attributed the sharp increase to significant cutbacks of government subsidies to large families. Food sources here told KosherToday that price was a major factor in Passover shopping as people put their orders together by visiting multiple stores to get the lowest prices. 

Overall, they estimated that more than 70% of Israelis bought kosher fare for Passover, including Matzos. There were many new items to choose from, including gluten-free items. Israeli wines are said to have had their best year in the last five as more Israelis bought wine as gifts. Social media played a big role for price-conscious Israelis as customers shared secrets of where the bargains are. In general, some major retailers reported 5% - 10% increases over last year, but it was too early to gauge the overall growth.