October 22, 2012

Israeli Companies at Kosherfest Ripe for Growth in American Market

TEL AVIV -- Many of the companies that will be part of the Kosherfest 2012 (November 13-14) Israeli pavilion sponsored by the Israel Export Institute is well positioned for growth in the burgeoning kosher market in the US. KosherToday received the list of the pavilion participants from the Israel Export Institute. 

Baron International Trading has been at Kosherfest for 11 years but each year makes sure to introduce many new interesting items. For example, this year they will be showcasing Potato Delights. 

Kvuzat Yavne Food Products is also not a newcomer to Kosherfest. Established over 60 years ago by Kibbutz Yavne, Kvuzat Yavne Foods leads in the production of piquant pickled vegetables, such as mini aubergines (eggplant). It is one of the largest producers of its kind in the country. It is looking to showcase its wide variety of unique pickled items such as mini aubergines (eggplants), peppers, hot peppers, as well as salt-cured products, a surprisingly refreshing culinary twist on traditional pickled products. 

Also not a newcomer but an innovator is Matzot Aviv, a leading manufacturer of Matzos, Crackers, Cookies & Biscuits. Amongst its new items will be Aviva Sugar Free Light cookies- enriched with dietary fibers & only 15 calories per cookie. These are the perfect cookies for diabetes & weight watchers.

Founded in 2006, Saba Habib Olive Oil is a family-owned business that likes to believe it has a secret way of making its quality products, a secret that began with Grandpa Habib and the rich, fertile soil of the Galilee hills. Today, they produce over 100 tons of olive oil a year, using the newest automatic line while keeping the traditional way of cold press. Its line includes Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Olives, Organic Tahini, za'atar, and Olive Oil Soap. 

Maadanay Yehiam has become a major source of quality kosher deli in the US. Founded in 1969 as the manufacturing branch of Kibbutz Yehiam, the company produces over 450 tons of high quality ready-to-eat kosher delicatessen meats and sausages every month. Maadanay Yehiam’s products are sold throughout the US and Europe under its brands: Yehiam, Hod Golan, Castle Grill, and Crown Delight. 

Pereg Gourmet Natural and Kosher Foods produces more than 60 varieties of spices, spice blends, and herbs. Pereg use only fresh, pure, and 100% natural spices; additionally they refrain from using additives, preservatives, food coloring, or fillers. The end result is a product that is full of flavor and will enhance any dish. Amongst its innovations are various new Quinoa products.


Tempo Beverages is the oldest beverage company in Israel with a history that dates back to 1934. Its first brewery was established in the town of Rishon Lezion and produced Nesher Beer and Nesher Malt Beverage. Today, Tempo manufactures, imports, market and distribute over 2.7 million hectoliters of beverages per year from its plant and headquarters in Netanya. Tempo is Israel’s largest brewery, leading the market with an approximate 55% market share in beer and malt beverages. In 2005, Heineken acquired a 40% stake in Tempo. Tempo is also the PepsiCo beverages franchisee in Israel. Some of the brands that it will be displaying include Nesher Malt, Jump, Galilee Cider, and Goldstar. 

Also at Kosherfest this year will be Maimo's, a leader in baking products and Spices. The Maimon family are in the spices business since 1922.?If wine and sweets in Israel are part of your passion in foods, there will be Recanati Winery, which has displayed at Kosherfest in the past. This year, the exhibit will include Yasmin, Diamond, Reserve and Special Reserve labels. 

And for sweets, there is Zermatok, which will showcase chocolate flower bouquets and sweet flower bouquet. Its arrangements are made from high quality chocolate flowers and roses as well as high quality candy. The chocolate flowers are assembled by blind and other people with special needs.