September 5, 2018

Israel to Present a Combination of the Old and New at Kosherfest

Tel Aviv…The Israel pavilion at the upcoming Kosherfest (November 13-14) will again be the largest of any international pavilion with an eclectic group of some 20 exhibitors. Al Arz will showcase authentic Israeli tahini and halva, as will the Habib family which will also exhibit its olive oil and natural olives. Matzot Aviv, one of the leading matzoh manufacturers in the world, will introduce a whole line of gluten free matzos, flatbreads, energy bars and biscuits. Amongst the quality bakeries in Israel is the Ougalie bakeries. TOOT is exhibiting its full line of healthy snacks, a growing category in the U.S. kosher market. Pri-Chen has a full line of pickle products as well as processed olives and eggplant. Eden is back with its splendid line of canned products. Maadaney Yehiam has become a fixture at Kosherfest with its ready-to-eat kosher delicatessen meats and sausages. Neptune will be at Kosherfest with its seasonings, spices, herbs, sauces and spreads. Other exhibitors include Tamara Sauces & Dressings, Anvei Zion of Tnuva (processed fruit and raw materials for baking), Fruit World (high quality bakery products), and Almahdi Sweets. Topgum Sweets (gummy candies), Mahroum Sweets (a well-known fixture at Kosherfest), Shkeida (roasted seeds and nuts), J & G Pecans – HATIV Snacks, Gan Shmuel Foods, FLORA of Passionfruit Man, Golan Heights Winery, and  Jerusalem Wineries.