May 20, 2020

Israel Opens up in Time for Shavuos Holiday

Jerusalem… For Jerusalemites, the opening of the Machne Yeshuda market means more than just having the city’s favorite open air market operating again. It means that life is back to normal, despite the prevalence of face masks and social distancing. Machneh Yehuda is typically a beehive of activity on the eve of a holiday, in this case Shavuos (eve of May 28th) that features fish and meat and everything in between. Israel appears to be opening with major hotels announcing their reopening and with air travel only days away, at least to European destinations. Like in the US, the food supply was never in jeopardy as manufactures restocked shelves on a regular basis. On a holiday where dairy is consumed, Machne Yehuda already was selling creamy cheesecakes with vendors yelling “better than your grandma used to make.”