July 9, 2012

Is the Road to Mainstream Through Gluten-Free Country?

BAYONNE, NJ -- While many kosher purveyors are on the hunt for the magic product that will take them to the promised land, mainstream consumers, the answer may be through the increasingly lucrative gluten-free market. The “hot” gluten-free market is not only attracting people with celiac disease but increasingly other health-conscious consumers as well. 

The Kedem Group recently launched Absolutely, a line of gluten free crackers that touts its taste for those who seek to avoid wheat. Absolutely is already on shelves at Shoprite and other stores from coast to coast. The product is being marketed as “satisfying crunch with an uncompromising flavor …Uniquely made with potatoes…no soy, corn or rice, kosher and Certified Gluten Free (GFCO). According to Marketing Director Harold Weiss, Absolutely is “available in crackers and flatbreads and is the first ever nationally distributed Gluten Free Flatbreads.” 

The cracker flavors come in Original, Toasted Onion, and Cracked Pepper. The Flatbreads come in the same flavors within the exception of the Cracked Pepper which is replaced with an everything.” Said Weiss: “We are not selling this whatsoever as an ethnic item; it is strictly targeted as a Special Diet Needs Product (and it is in fact delicious).”