November 16, 2015

Industry Turns its Attention to Chanukah: Third Most Lucrative Holiday

New York - The kosher food industry is preparing for a major holiday season again, this time the 8-day Chanukah which begins on the eve of December 6th. Industry experts say that it is the third most important holiday on the Jewish calendar, following Passover and the High Holy Days. It is a heavy gift-giving season and for caterers and restaurants it is party-time. At this year’s Kosherfest, Chanukah was in the air somewhat especially at the Izzy n Dizzy booth where candles and other Chanukah items such as menorahs and dreidels were on display. Ironically, some industry officials believe that the calendar is not in their favor and prefer a Chanukah date that is close to Christmas. Next year, for example the first day of Chanukah falls on Christmas eve. The reason many non-traditional kosher customers buy kosher as gifts for Jewish friends and co-workers. In Israel, the popular custard doughnuts were already on display. In many markets, the focus was on Thanksgiving Day as kosher turkeys and other products are big sellers.