October 25, 2021

Industry Added Many New Products Despite Challenges

Brooklyn, NY…The number of new product entries in this year’s New Product Competition was substantially less than in previous years. The ongoing issues that revolve around the Covid-19 disease curtailed the number of new product submissions, but the roster of the products that were entered showed that the kosher food industry is very much committed to introduce new innovative items that will be welcome additions to the kosher shelf. Industry sources say that the very task of accessing new products from around the world was a major challenge. With travel being restricted, some of the kosher executives who normally canvass the world for new products to be kosher were severely restricted. Yet, the industry continued to roll out new products that one distributor said was not far behind an average year which he agreed was in the vicinity of 300.

In addition to travel restrictions, the industry faced a changed food export environment especially in China where many factories were shuttered for prolonged periods. Shipping from many countries also became a problem for some even after they found the new products. The executives say that thankfully they were able to import many items from Israel despite many Covid related issues in the Jewish state. Despite these handicaps, this year’s entries show the resiliency and creativity of the kosher food industry, facts that will be on display at this year’s Kosherfest.

One of the judges, Shlomo Klein, publisher of Fleishig Magazine, was impressed “with the variety, health focused, and creativity” of the new products. He found it interesting that more new companies are being launched in the kosher food market. He added: “In these new products, I was able to see how the palates of the kosher consumer are constantly evolving and how the industry is responding to a surge in demand for new and different products.”