November 21, 2016

Increasing Number of Australian Food Companies Seek Kosher Certification to Enter US Market

Secaucus, NJ - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! If you know an Australian, chances are you've heard a fair amount about Aussie fare. You're probably well-versed in Vegemite, Tim Tams, and meat pies; while you know that what makes a true Australian happy is slapping a piece of meat on the barbeque (barbie) and swigging a beer. Food and wine are essential to the Australian lifestyle, so it is not surprising that many Australian companies are looking to share their successful home-grown products with the American market. Upon setting their sights on the United States, they realize the importance of carrying a legitimate kosher certification on their product. In Australia the kosher market is extremely small so it may not be something they have considered before, and their exposure to kosher may be very limited. The Kashrut Authority of Australia and New Zealand (KA) is therefore in the business of not just certifying these products as kosher, but are also on a mission to help bring them to the US kosher market.

"Kosherfest is the perfect opportunity to provide these companies with exposure the need to get into the US market," says Rabbi Aaron Groner, Assistant Rabbinic Administrator of KA. "Many companies that approach us produce organic foods or their products are gluten-free, which are factors that make them appealing to the kosher industry in the US. In addition, the free trade agreement between Australia and the United States has made it easier for exporting to the US, so we are seeing more and more Australian companies looking for kosher certification than ever before." The KA hosted a number of food companies at their Kosherfest booth this year, including Thisit Foods, a dried fruit and nut company. Over the past few years Kosherfest has seen a significant increase in the number of kosher food brands from across the globe.