October 14, 2013

Importer Sees Kosher Business Top 50%

New York…A 75-year old food importer continues to see growth in its kosher business and is banking on Kosherfest 2013 (October 29th and 30th) to be a major “selling” show. The American Roland Food Corporation, established during the 1930’s has grown to become the largest specialty importer in America, importing over 18,000 products from 39 countries globally. Not surprisingly, a whopping 50% of their imports are kosher certified. Among them are traditional favorites like tahini and olive oil, as well as new trends like quinoa. “We are excited to be joining Kosherfest 25 because it has the unique value of being the ‘hub of kosher’,” says Roland Director of PR, Lisa Kartzman.  “What makes the show so valuable are the chances it provides us to look for new items and build relationships with new companies.”Roland has been a part of many food shows, but says that only Kosherfest gives them the forum to excel in their specialty of innovative and unique products. “Not only is it the world’s largest kosher trade show, but the attendees offer us something no other place can- an interest in the new, the original,” says Lisa. “Kosher food is expanding, and it’s phenomenal. Kosherfest 25 will be the perfect place to meet those that share our passion for interesting kosher products.”