October 29, 2012

Importer Places Emphasis on Health Products

NEW YORK -- There is definitely a growing emphasis on kosher products that are healthier. One importer who appears to have a knack for selecting products that do well in the kosher market is Oxygen Imports, founded in 1988. It circles the globe in search for quality kosher food products and accessories, particularly those that are in demand. It is the reason why Oxygen specializes in Natural Health Foods and Organic products, as well as Gourmet Gift Sets. 

The Oxygen line includes gourmet, natural, organic and sugar-free foods, including dressings and marinades, natural and organic tahini, organic honey from Jerusalem, date honey, spreads and comfitures with sesame, date, carob, chocolate, halvah, nuts and fruit, as well as exotic natural juices and nectars, spices, Turkish coffees and connoisseur teas, and produces its own all-natural preserves and sauces which includes fiery hot sauces.

In this year’s New Product Competition, which took place in advance of Kosherfest (November 13-14, Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus NJ) Oxygen’s Amazon Chipotle Sauce was the winner in the best New Dips, Spreads, Salsas category. According to Ron Biala, CEO of Oxygen Imports, “What makes our products and spreads special is that they are all natural and that we do not add any food coloring or preservatives. We pride ourselves on making each product the best quality possible. We also made sure that all our packaging is done in the most attractive way so that people will like what they see, buy it and be happy they did once they have tried it.” 

Mr. Biala continued by saying that he continues to exhibit at Kosherfest because it is the most important place for his company to meet consumers from all around the world and for their customers to be able to taste and their products.