May 1, 2017

Imminent Closing of Large Boro Park Kosher Supermarket called “Fake News”

Brooklyn, NY- The opening of the new Bingo kosher discount supermarket in Boro Park is said to have resulted in the closing of one small grocer and a decline of as much as 25% in sales for some stores in the Boro Park/Flatbush area. The “Bingo factor,” as some in the industry are calling it, even led to a rumor that Gourmet Glatt, one of the largest kosher supermarkets in the area, was on the verge of closing with some telling Kosher Today that they knew the exact date of the store’s demise. But Howard Klagsbrun of Gourmet Glatt called the rumors “fake news,” asserting that the large kosher independent store had a very significant loyal following “particularly for people looking for some of the unique items, including gourmet, gluten-free, and prepared foods.” Gourmet Glatt is one of the more successful kosher independent chains with stores in Cedarhurst, Lakewood and Boro Park. An industry veteran familiar with the kosher retail scene said: “Let’s not be fooled by the huge crowds at Bingo prior to Purim and Pesach; many of these customers returned to their old stores right after the holiday.” He too rejected the notion that Gourmet Glatt was closing, which was confirmed by other sources to Kosher Today. “How long can Bingo continue to give away merchandise without feeling the pinch on its bottom line?” he asked. One kosher manufacturer noted that he noticed an appreciable impact on neighboring Flatbush stores, “even more than Boro Park.”