May 20, 2020

Iconic Kosher Chef to Close His Restaurant

New York…Jeff Nathan is one of those iconic kosher chefs that has appeared on TV shows, was a major presence at Kosherfest, authored cookbooks, developed new kosher products and then some. But most people knew him from his Abigael’s on Broadway, an upscale kosher eatery that became a kosher destination in New York. He announced that he is closing the restaurant as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Kosher restaurant experts expect many more kosher restaurant closings as a result of the pandemic. Wolf & Lamb has already announced the closing of its Brooklyn location. Several others are said to be contemplating closing their restaurants. Nathan has many other kosher interests including a concession stand at Madison Square Garden. Those wings of the business will reopen once social distancing measures relax, Nathan said in a statement on Facebook.