May 13, 2014

How Forgiving Were Consumers on Taste on Passover?

NEW YORK — The flavors were definitely off. Sweeteners had an after-taste and even Greek Yogurt did not taste the same. Despite the plethora of new items this past Passover, manufacturers and retailers received many complaints, so much so that some manufacturers were worried that the Passover experience would carryover after Passover, which it seldom does. 

Branding experts say that even a temporary change of taste can turn a loyal customer. The retailers say that seasoned Passover shoppers know that the use of potato starch, far more limited flavors, and the replacement of kitniyot have an impact on taste. The flavors used in items like yogurt are extremely limited. The same goes for candies. One retailer said that he received complaints about the taste of croutons. 

Some people have a hard time adjusting to cakes made from potato starch or sweeteners used in products. What surprised kosher food industry experts was the sheer number of complaints.