June 4, 2018

How a Small Kosher Market is Making Waves on Israel’s 70th Birthday

Atlanta…Jodi Wittenberg is the owner of “The Spicy Peach,” a small kosher market that happens to be located between the Kroeger and Publix supermarkets. Yet, she boasts a full gamut of kosher items in her 1200 square feet which she plans to double in the coming months. “Think of us as a small Pomegranate, upscale and gourmet, but without the expansive takeout counter,” says Ms. Wittenberg. She is still full of praise for the kosher food industry, particularly Quality Frozen Foods, that stepped up big time when this city was devastated by Hurricane Irma. But more recently, she used her contacts with such kosher vendors as Stern’s and Itzkowitz to build the world’s largest cookie mosaic flag. It will be in the Guinness Book of World Records beating the Pakistani record for the largest cookie flag. Stern’s baked the 133,000 blue and white cookies that were needed for the project. The flag was constructed on Sunday June 3rd at Atlanta’s well-known Beth Jacob Synagogue. The effort included the sale of virtual cookies online with all monies supporting such agencies as the United Hatzalah One Family Fund and The Jewish Agency for a project in Yokneam.