March 2, 2009

Hotels Hold Their Breath For Last Minute Business

New York…While some hotels are already sold out for the upcoming Passover season (eve of April 8th through the 16th), most hotels with a Passover program are still hoping for a last minute surge, KosherToday has learned. Entrepreneurs of the $100 million Passover hotel business are concerned about the ramifications of the deepening recession on their business, but they are still hoping to reach 2008 levels with a surge of last minute reservations. “Some are struggling but I think this year more than ever people are waiting to the last minute,” said Elan Kornblum, President & Publisher of Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine (, who this year is offering a comprehensive listing of all Passover hotel programs plus referral services. Kornblum believes that many “people save up and use this as their only vacation out of the year,” Despite the optimism, Kosher Today has learned that business for more than a dozen programs is off by more than 20%. They are hoping that the last minute business materialize albeit some worry at discounted prices.