June 20, 2016

Hotel Bars Becoming Friendlier to Kosher Consumers

Chicago…Henry, a 40-year old financial planner from New York, had just arrived at O’Hare and had checked into the airport hotel. He was in the mood of a cocktail mix and was pretty certain that many of the products were not kosher although in fact the list of kosher liquor nowadays is extensive, according to the cRc 2016 listing. Sensing his discomfort, the bartender rattled off a number of drinks that had kosher certification. With the ever-growing number of alcohol products gaining kosher certification, the once forbidden hotel bar was increasingly becoming friendlier to kosher consumers. The latest to join the certified list is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey products which are now kosher-certified by OK Kosher. Jack Daniel’s whiskeys are among the best-selling whiskeys in the world. The Jack Daniel Distillery, founded in Lynchburg Tennessee in 1866 by Mr. Jack Daniel, is North America’s oldest registered distillery and one of the most famous producers of whiskey in the world. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made with the finest corn, rye and barley malt. Its distinctive character is a result of natural fermentation, careful distillation, and use of the Distillery’s iron-free water from the Cave Spring. According to the OK, the kashrus organization will certify an impressive list of the Jack Daniel’s kosher products.