September 9, 2013

Hope Grows that Polish Ban on Schechita will be Reversed as Pope Francis Steps In

WARSAW — With the passing of every day, Polish Jewish leaders are becoming more encouraged that the ban by the Polish parliament on kosher slaughter will be reversed. They are particularly encouraged by the actions of Pope Francis who ordered an investigation into the Polish ban on schechita. The Pope’s actions came in a meeting with Ronald Lauder, who heads the World Jewish Congress. 

According to Chief Rabbi Michael Shudrich, there is plenty of kosher meat and poultry for the holidays. Last week, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said “Poland considers preserving the religious rights of the country’s Jewish community to be a national interest of supreme importance.” Sources in Israel said that they were continuing to conduct kosher slaughter in Poland, albeit on a more limited basis. Kosher slaughter had become a $250 million business for Poland.