November 17, 2020

Home Kosher Cooking Soars to New Heights

Brooklyn…Sales of kosher cookbooks are soaring, according to book dealers as are many ingredients on kosher shelves as home cooking continues to soar. A major reason for the uptick is the many families who are either quarantined, working from home, or caring for children who periodically are out of school. In the latest cookbook published by Art-Scroll, Leah Schapiro and Victoria Dwek from the popular website “Between Carpools” have teamed up again to produce “Dinner Done,” 150 quick-to-prepare, family-friendly dishes.  It includes a full chapter of super-quick, no-mess 9 x 13 recipes prepared directly in the pan in just minutes. Other websites like have also seen a dramatic increase in the number of clicks on their sites. On-line sales of ingredients have significantly increased as on-line grocery shopping in general continues its upward climb.