June 30, 2020

Home Baking and “Family Chefing” May be Wave of the Future

Brooklyn…Rachel and her three daughters have never bonded as much as they have during the recent Covid-19 lockdown. With schools shuttered and 19-year old Ayala not working, the new citadel for the women was in the kitchen “baking up a storm.” Kosher supermarkets have seen a dramatic rise in the sale of baking supplies and other meal preparation concepts that Rachel calls the new “family chefing.” On-going search statistics from Google show a huge spike in home baking interest and purchases. Even more evidence from reports by IRI and other sources suggest that this trend will last far longer than cancellation of the last stay-at-home order, with big implications for the food industry. Home baking requires a wide range of ingredients—which will get a lift from this new-found passion. In several stores, we noticed a short supply of flour, usually always in abundance on the shelf.

“During the peak of the pandemic, baking increased significantly. People who had typically eaten at restaurants started depending on home cooked meals more often. Also, baking became a trending hobby to do during the pandemic. We saw a lot of social media posts of people buying our flour and then posting what they made online,” said Chad Davis of Nuts.com. Grocers say that they noticed a significant increase in the purchase of ingredient items for pastries, salads, and pastas. Data affirms that consumers have developed long-term habits around home baking, motivated by recreational pleasure, stress relief, family togetherness and overall well-being. “After the pandemic is considered over, 32% say they plan on making more home cooked meals, and 35% say they will spend more time with family,” according to a survey conducted in early April by market researcher AMC Global and OpinionRoute. Israeli researchers noted that people did not necessarily eat healthier although many of the stores Kosher Today interviewed said that more greens and fish were consumed than ever before.