October 11, 2016

A Holiday Visit with Multiple Visits is Good for Business

New York - The rush before Rosh Hashanah last week was only the beginning for kosher consumers of a near-month long relationship with the local kosher grocer. The two-day holiday ended on Tuesday night and almost immediately there was a return trip preparing for Shabbat. This week, it’s preparing for Yom Kippur on Wednesday October 12th followed by preparations for Shabbat on Thursday. The Rosh Hashanah shopping schedule will be repeated next week and the week after for the Succos and Simchas Torah holidays. Many of the stores said that the biggest challenge was to keep replenishing the stock, preparing fresh foods in their take-out sections, and keeping up with the deliveries. “It’s almost like having two Shabbat periods in one week except that the average basket is at least 25%-30% higher.”