November 4, 2013

High Quality Glatt Kosher Returns to PM After 10-Year Hiatus

MENDOM, MN — It has been ten years since the PM Beef plant here produced glatt kosher beef, although it has produced products for Hebrew National under the certification of Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag of the Triangle K. The highly regarded slaughterhouse is known for its high feed standards and hence quality beef that some in the industry say is on par or superior to beef produced in Aurora Ill, mostly for Alle Processing. In an agreement reached with AD Rosenblatt of Dallas, the plant will open its special glatt kosher producing rooms to once again resume the production of the coveted beef. 

The beef will be marketed under the Yaakov’s brand name. Yaakov is the great grandson of Avrohom Dovid Rosenblatt, a chasidic Jew who founded the company in 1910 that now bears his name. It will feature the certifications of the Orthodox Union, the cRc and a still to be named Chasidic rabbi. AD Rosenblatt is a producer of quality meat products with slaughterhouses in Elkhorn Valley, Wichita and beef and veal in Wisconsin. 

Sources told Kosher Today that many quality restaurants are major buyers of the prime cut beef as well as some of the upscale kosher supermarkets.